Continuing the Revolution

Okay, odds are pretty good that Obama will be president. Unlike Dean’s flash-in-the-pan campaign of 2004, Paul’s presidential campaign has a genuine political philosophy powering it. I have been amazed at how folks have turned onto his ideas when they are presented well–however, the “presented well” part is the catch, and cutting through the prejudice and bad assumptions takes work. So we need to be patient and keep pushing through. Here are some ideas about what we can do.


Paul has a book, The Revolution: A Manifesto coming out–I’m not ordinarily one to spring for a revolutionary manifesto, but this looks like a good outline of Paul’s ideas. I heartily recommend preordering a copy. Let’s get this on the NY Times bestseller list!

Also, check out the classics like the Constitution. The Federalist Papers are good to work on as well. They’re all online and in print in about a billion different editions, so there is surely a format that works for you.

I’ve heard rumors of some other educational groups forming to promulgate the ideas behind the Ron Paul revolution–I’ll keep you posted on what I hear. Please send comments here if you find anything worthwhile as well.

Other Elections

Paul has been a lone voice in the wilderness for too long; let’s give him some company in Congress. Murray Sabrin, a business professor in New Jersey, is running for the Senate and Jim Forsythe, a former Air Force officer and a small business owner, is running for US Representative in New Hampshire. Both have been officially endorsed by Ron Paul.

I’ve heard of other candidateswho are running under the aegis of Ron Paul, though they are not officially endorsed by Paul, though I’m not familiar with them, since none are in Pennsylvania. A Lew Rockwell blogger recently spotted another promising candidate in California that will running for the House of Representatives.

These are just baby-steps, but let’s nurture what we have right now properly and keep a long-term perspective. Please pass on other promising candidates or educational sources in the comboxes.

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