Ayn Rand Goes to Hollywood?

So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might be in a screenplay of an Ayn Rand novel. While Rand’s rampant sense of individualism lends itself to Hollywood egos, I’d like to ask Angelina Jolie what Rand would have to say about saving the children in Cambodia and whatnot? I try to think of a connection and can only shrug.


6 thoughts on “Ayn Rand Goes to Hollywood?

  1. Jerry

    I’m glad someone caught on to that line, but considering that I am but a guest contributor, and not Mr. Dung, that didn’t occur to me!

  2. EQ72521

    I doubt AR would say anything other than AJ is free to do as she pleases re charity towards Cambodian children. She simply isn’t *obliged* to in any way, and neither is anyone else.

    Best regards

  3. Jerry

    Sure, nobody is obliged to do anything for the Cambodians, just as they aren’t obliged to free the Guantanomo Bay prisoners, oppose torture, help the underrepresented minorities, and support Tibet and Darfur. 🙂 Ayn Rand would bite Hollywood in the rear-end (a large target–most of their best thinking seems to be done with that part of their collective carcass) with many of their favorite causes.

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