Tough Love

This study ought provide a lot of fuel for debates about parental, administrative, polical, and religious leadership styles.

“Whether it involves persuading people to use sunscreen or eat high fiber foods, good intentions can be elicited by a variety of appeals. However, getting people to actually follow through on these intentions and change their behavior requires appeals combining fear and an emotion high in self-accountability, such as regret, guilt or challenge.”

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  1. Rob wrote:

    Maybe this is why everything is so over-the-top in the news. Unless you scare people to death, you don’t get them to do what’s in their best interests.

    Attempting to change human behavior has it’s place, but it’s only good to a certain point. At some point, you need to install idiot-proofing. I may blog this….

    Posted 20 Feb 2006 at 8:20 pm
  2. Steve Nicoloso wrote:

    I remember saying, tho’ I don’t think it comes from me originally (I just can’t remember where I got it): “The lash cannot make us moral, but we cannot be moral without the lash.”

    Posted 20 Feb 2006 at 9:08 pm
  3. Jerry Nora wrote:

    Interesting, though I caution that what’s good for a faceless advocacy group is not necessarily what’s best for a pastor or family.

    Posted 20 Feb 2006 at 9:20 pm
  4. John wrote:

    There was a saying my ninth grade history teacher was fond of, “Our goal is discipline, we’ll settle for punishment”

    Posted 21 Feb 2006 at 4:28 am

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