CBS Smites Joan

One of the few shows I turn the TV on to watch is Joan of Arcadia (JoA). Quietly on 5-18-05, CBS cancelled the show. I just found this out from my wife who also watches it.

We were wondering what happened when there were no commercials about the show. We didn't imagine that they canceled it. We are extremely disappointed.

I just hope CBS or some other network picks it up sometime soon. Even people that aren't religious watched it. It's a good show amongst so many that aren't even close (CBS is keeping "Yes, dear". Blah.).

If you'd like to sign a petition to save the JoA, go here or here.

7 thoughts on “CBS Smites Joan

  1. Rob

    I didn’t realize you were a fan as well. We knew back in May, when they announced it’s cancellation.

    There’s no realistic hope of bringing it back. The show they’re replacing it with is supposed to go for the same audience — it’s a show about a psychic ghost hunter or something. I forget, but it was obvious the Powers That Be don’t have a clue.

  2. gbm3

    In my opinion the only comparison between tripe and JoA is its nutritional value.

    2003 – Won – PeopleÂ’s Choice Awards – Favorite New Dramatic Series
    2003 – Won – American Film Institute – Top 10 TV Programs of the Year
    2004 – Nominated – Golden Globes – Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Drama): Amber Tamblyn
    2004 – Nominated – Golden Satellite Awards – Best Performance by an Actress in a Series (Drama): Amber Tamblyn
    2004 – Won – Golden Satellite Awards – Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series (Drama): Mary Steenburgen
    2004 – Won – Saturn Awards – Best Actress on TV: Amber Tamblyn
    2004 – Nominated – SyFy Genre Awards – Best Young Actor: Amber Tamblyn and Michael Welch
    2004 – Won – The Humanitas Prize – 60 Minute TV Category: Pilot episode
    2004 – Nominated – The Humanitas Prize – 60 Minute TV Category: The Uncertainty Principle episode
    2004 – Nominated – Television Critics Assn. – Outstanding New Program
    2004 – Nominated – Teen Choice Awards – Best TV Show: Drama, TV Actress Drama: Amber Tamblyn, and Choice Fresh Face: Amber Tamblyn
    2004 – Nominated – Emmy – Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Lead Actress in Drama Series: Amber Tamblyn; Outstanding Guest Actress in Drama Series: Louis Fletcher (Do The Math episode)
    2004 – Nominated – Artios Awards – Dramatic Pilot Casting: Vicki Rosenberg
    2004 – Won – The Family Television Awards – Best Drama Series and TV Actress: Amber Tamblyn


    These awards further the cause to keep the show. Yes, many of the other contenders were not very good, but these awards help show that it was a good show.

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