Right Out of Left Field

Some folks have wondered what the Terri Schiavo case will mean for the conservative
cause, including Ales Rarus regular, DLW
(see March 28, 2005); perhaps we should pay a little more attention to leftists
like the Rev.
Jesse Jackson
and Nat
before labeling Terri’s cause a right-wing one. Or even those disability
activists that get mentioned from time to time, but have largely been ignored in
media coverage. (Maybe they don’t fit in with this left-versus-right template that
the media chose?)

4 thoughts on “Right Out of Left Field

  1. EmilyE

    Also, Feminists for Life was pretty vocal about the whole matter… But again, they were largely ignored so the media could paint the picture that this was only a liberal/conservative issue.

  2. Steve N

    Some more “conservative” folks (thanks Japery) chiming in on Terry’s case:

    Ralph Nader at The Free Republic
    The Village Voice

    indicating, yet again, that life (protection & care) never has been, and is certainly not now, a “conservative” issue. The most conservative thing of all is, of course, to let the weak, retarded, and defenseless die… especially as we drive our SUVs to our McMansions out in the nice white burbs… and then bitch about Federal intervention in “private” “family” matters. Couldn’t we at least trump up the humanity required to give her a lethal injection?

    My God, America, you suck!

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