Guilty As Charged

Genocide in Darfur sparks outrage, but little action

[T]he handwringing isn’t translating into action. In progress instead is a fresh mockery of that 1948 convention. A repeat of well-intentioned, feeble actions that failed to save 800,000 Rwandans a decade ago.

I’ve been all talk and no action, just as this op/ed piece says. Well, I want to start actually doing something to stop the horrors
in Sudan. I’ve sent letters through the ACLU, TrueMajority, and other groups, but
I suspect politicians largely ignore such campaigns.

I’m planning on writing a generic letter that can be sent to representatives, senators,
the president, and foreign leaders. My hope is that a real grassroots effort – that
isn’t lead by a major lobbying group – will get more positive attention. I have
no experience writing letters of petition, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update 11/06/06: I still haven’t done anything constructive. Then again, neither has the UN.

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  1. Funky Dung wrote:

    If you want attractive, simple templates tailored to your needs, go here:

    Posted 16 Aug 2004 at 9:51 pm
  2. MJ Darcy wrote:

    The color scheme isn’t great, but the format is the best for my purposes. All the other ones compress the posts into narrow margins making my already long posts longer.

    But I don’t think the color is all that bad. I like the black on white text, and the title in the banner is clear and distinct. I liked the orange better than the only other choices, the red or the green. Also, the others that didn’t compress the posts right justified the links on the right side of the blog making them hard to read.

    And another thing, your color scheme is a thousand times worse. That aqua-marine color is making me sick.

    Posted 16 Aug 2004 at 9:39 pm
  3. Funky Dung wrote:

    There are LOTS of Blogger templates freely available. Some sites:

    Sorry if I was harsh in appraisal of your color scheme. As for the aqua marine here, I’ve been giving serious thought to a change of colors. If you think this is bad, you probably would have hated my site before the overhaul a few months ago. 😉

    Posted 16 Aug 2004 at 9:47 pm

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