Poison Pill

At my 21-week prenatal appointment, my doctor asked if I had read the August edition
of Prevention magazine, and urged that I do so, as she is mentioned in one of the
articles, though not by name.

My gynecologist is the only one in the Allentown, PA area that is 100% pro-life
in support of NFP, and will not prescribe hormonal contraceptives (i.e. the pill).
She and other doctors like her, as well as pharmacists like myself who refuse to
dispense the pill and other contraceptives, are under major slanderous attack in
an article entitled “Access Denied.”

The article, which is quite long and involved, states that access to birth control
is a basic right in the world of women’s health and those of us who will not participate
in its distribution are denying women the proper standard of care. The quote that
burned me the most was from a woman who could not get her “last-minute”
pill prescription filled at a CVS – “I don’t think pharmacists should be in
a position to make that decision.” Yet any pharmacist who dispensed a teratogenic
(i.e. harmful, possibly fatal to an unborn child) medicine to an obviously pregnant
woman would face a lawsuit the size of Texas!!!

I’m obviously heated on this issue. In any case, what I’m asking of all of you is
first of all to pray! Pray for all those in health care under fire for this issue,
and for those beginning health care careers who will face tough decisions about
this matter. Secondly, for all those who like to be active and speak out, I’m asking
you to, if possible, pick up a copy of Prevention magazine for August 2004, read
the article
, and flood the
editors with letters
to the contrary
! The good news is this article would
not have been written if those who support abortion and birth control were not scared.

Women reading an article like this are bound to be misinformed and/or uninformed
about the truths (and lies) concerning birth control. I’m going to do my best to
help them find out the facts and defend my profession.

I’d also urge people, particularly women, to write to Grassfire,
the SBA List, and Feminists
for Life

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  1. John Thompson wrote:

    As the law stands now, no doctor or nurse can be forced to participate in an abortion if s/he finds it to be a morally inconscionable act.

    Also, while the practitioner has the moral right to decide what s/he will or will not do, s/he also has an obligation to the patient to provide all relevant information and to allow the patient to make an informed decision about his or her own medical treatment. By suddenly refusing a service that he had regularly been performing up to that point, the pharmicist came dangerously close to crossing the line into dictating treatment to the young woman involved. If he’s not prepared to provide the medicine, he should tell his customers ahead of time and advise them who they can seek out if they still want it.

    Posted 16 Jul 2004 at 9:29 pm
  2. emily wrote:

    Grr. There was a letter to the editor to that effect in our newspaper two days ago…

    But, there is a bill called the “Hyde Conscience Protection Amendment,” apparently pending in Congress, that would protect the rights of health care providers to refuse to participate in abortion. One would hope that this bill could also be extended to contraceptives, although I don’t think the current wording extends it that far. Still, this bill would at least be a first step in protecting the rights of doctors and nurses who are pro-life.

    It’s called freedom of religion, folks. Freedom of conscience. First Amendment. Remember that?


    Posted 16 Jul 2004 at 5:00 pm
  3. Therese Z wrote:

    We need to promote these pharmacists and doctors, spreading their names through the blogworld, so everyone can shop at their drugstore or avail themselves of their services.

    They should be given every congratulations and all of our business!

    Posted 21 Jul 2004 at 6:03 pm

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