But That Only Raises the Question…

I get that a Shipoopi is a girl you’re glad you found. She’s hard to get, but you can win her yet. I suppose that’s all fair. So who’s the girl you wish you’d never met (and presumably does not kiss at all)? Or what about the girl who you couldn’t get, despite your best efforts?

As much as I enjoy musical comedies, and I do enjoy them, I wish they’d define their terms a little more clearly. But then, I suppose nobody would line up to buy tickets to Kant: The Musical.

2 thoughts on “But That Only Raises the Question…

  1. Jerry

    Rousseau might translate better for a musical–his habit of sleeping with the wife of whatever friend was currently giving him room and board would actually make for a solid opera, which seems to thrive on such farces.

    Of course, we have a Locke and a Rousseau stranded on an island in “Lost”. I’m waiting for Hume to pop up. Or Aquinas to suddenly emerge and take ’em all on. (There’s one character in the show who is as heavy as Aquinas was–maybe he’s a closet Dominican. You never know.)

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