Religious Liberals?

Interesting article from WaPo, but with one gaping hole, it fails to define religious liberal. Perhaps it is too broad a term for the authors to have gotten their arms around it just yet. I’m posting here because I honestly don’t know what the term implies. I don’t remember ever hearing it before. My educated guess is that a religious liberal would tend to be:

  • fiscally liberal
  • against the death penalty
  • dovish on the military and foreign policy
  • pro immigration
  • community service oriented 
  • environmentally conscious.

Anyone care to add to or refute this list?

3 thoughts on “Religious Liberals?

  1. Funky Dung

    I think I fit all of the criteria you’ve listed for a religious liberal, but I still wouldn’t call myself one (not that I’m a religious conservative, either). I think religious liberals also often tend to be theologically liberal, which I most certainly am not. They also tend to emphasize the issues you’ve listed over “culture of life” issues, either because they are pro-choice, pro-ESCR, etc, or because they not believe their personal views on those matters should be legislated.

  2. cwv warrior

    good guesses. How bout more specific to your first guess, governmental wealth redistribution, as in Marxist.
    Also, civil rights advocates ie gay marriage, ordination of gays…
    Relativism saturated gospel.
    Otherwise, not a bad list!

  3. Jim McCarville

    I thought I had already submitted this post. A classical distinction says a conservative tends to rely on experience and traditions while a liberal tends to rely more on abstract ideas. This should hold true for Christians, Moslems, Republicans or whatever.

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