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Lousy Name, Great Concept

If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, and you haven’t donated to the “Free at Last” MLK money bomb, please consider doin so. Ron Paul Graphs explains:

“‘m sure I’m not alone in saying this has been a depressing month… bad fundraising numbers.. disheartening scandal… poor showing in some early primary states… but with the 2nd place in NV, and the great fundraising showing today I feel my hope and enthusiasm returning. I hope this is our second wind.”

I’m not a fan of the term “money bomb”. I’d prefer something like “victory salad”, with “salad” referring to various denominations of money. Hmm…winter greens….wint-o-green…

But I digress…

I’m not entirely comfortable piggy-backing off MLK’s legacy for political gain, either. The fact remains, though, that Dr. Paul needs our donations more than ever. In fact, he needs another $23 million. So far, this money bomb isn’t shaping up to be as big as the Tea Party, or even Guy Fawkes Day. That can change, though. Let’s show the world that you can’t count a fundraiser – or a political candidate – out based on early statistics. Let’s give whatever we can to make this money bomb a record breaker, and help Dr. Paul make Super Tuesday an opponent breaker. 🙂