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Ron Paul Rally Wrap-Up

I went to the Ron Paul rally at the University of Pittsburgh last Thursday. The speech was mostly boilerplate Ron Paul Revolution material (abolish the Fed, no socialized health care, end the Iraq war, restore civil liberties, etc). The best part, for me, was the opportunity to shake the hand with, get the autograph of, and be photographed with the man who turned my frustration and exasperation with the federal government into activism.

Another plus was an opportunity to experiment with camera settings in a low-light situation. Those pictures can be viewed here.

Coverage of the IUP rally can be found here and here. Coverage of the Pitt rally can be found here. Amateur video of the Pitt rally can be found here.

Continuing the Revolution

Okay, odds are pretty good that Obama will be president. Unlike Dean’s flash-in-the-pan campaign of 2004, Paul’s presidential campaign has a genuine political philosophy powering it. I have been amazed at how folks have turned onto his ideas when they are presented well–however, the “presented well” part is the catch, and cutting through the prejudice and bad assumptions takes work. So we need to be patient and keep pushing through. Here are some ideas about what we can do.

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