Political Party Woes

Generally, I try not to debate politics because there is no party that can be guaranteed my support. Libertarians want no government so they can have all they can get. Communists want government that is the will of themselves at the top. Republicans want limited government so that rich people, including themselves, can be unrestrained in filling other rich peoples’ pockets. Democrats want more government so that they’ll have a right to steal everyone’s capital for themselves (they would really like to be Republicans). For the most part, the other parties not mentioned don’t have enough members to hear or talk about. I know my cursory analysis of the political parties above is probably an oversimplification of their platforms, but I don’t think I’m off target that much.

None of the parties have it right.

Nonetheless, there are three fundamental tenets that I think any political party should have. The first is to maintain solidarity within the citizenry. The Declaration of Independence is right when it says, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” In other words, in this country, we are to live together and stand by each other in solidarity.

Second, a fundamental right to life is necessary. It’s a scientific fact that a uniquely individual human life is formed when one human egg from a human mother and one human sperm from a human father are joined. No matter where it is located, in, on, or at a fallopian tube, test tube, uterus, birth canal, table, floor, mother’s arms, high chair, kitchen chair, desk chair, President’s chair, etc… the created human has a fundamental right to life and is to be supported by the solidarity of this and every other country and its citizenry until its natural conclusion.

Third, the family must be supported to help it create an honorable citizenry. Any impediment to this end must be outlawed or discouraged. In my opinion, this includes defining marriage as being between a man and a woman in order to raise a happy and healthy child with both biological parents, restricting divorce so that children can be raised by both parents (when possible), outlawing prostitution and strip-clubs (etc.) so that parents are not further tempted to leave each other, etc.

This begs to question, with what party am I affiliated? I am a Republican who desperately wants to be a Democrat: Republican because the party is currently pro-life, Democrat because, before the secular feminist elitists came in, it was the party of the little guy (or gal) who was out to help the other little guy.

What do you think? What’s the solution to my problem? Should a new party be formed? Am I off base with my political party analysis (any suggested changes)? What is your criteria for a good political party (excluding the boose)?

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