Got Tea?

Wow. Roughly 34,000 people pledged 100 dollars to today’s Tea Party online fundraiser for Ron Paul, which means $3.4M was pledged for today. It’s 2:30 and over $3M is already donated, with a $122 average donation. This does not include checks that get mailed in. We are well on the way to crushing the $4.2M record for November 5th.

Please give today if you haven’t already to get a true leader, who is not afraid to talk about hard questions to American citizens, rather than like children to pay off with easy promises on what to do with our own tax money and debt. (I should also remind folks that he is a steadfast pro-lifer and an OB-GYN who has delivered thousands of babies, practicing medicine even as a Representative.)

Also check out Catholics for Ron Paul.

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