Good News from Magee

Magee-Womens Hospital has opened a umbilical cord blood bank for either public clinical use or research. This a great boon for raising awareness of a rich, ethically acceptable source of stem cells. Kudos to Magee and Carol Berger for spearheading this, and if you know people expecting to have a baby at Magee, encourage them to make use of this.

National Geographic has a nice little article on umbilical cord blood stem cells here.

One thought on “Good News from Magee

  1. Stuff

    How cool is that!!

    BTW, for those who are expecting who are NOT in the ‘burgh, there is a company that I have donated cord blood through a few times now that is VERY user-friendly, and the donation is absolutely free. Cryobanks International offers collection services for both public donation and private storage, and they will mail the proper materials, all postage paid by them, anywhere in the U.S. As long as your own doctor doesn’t charge for the collection, there is absolutely no cost to you – they even provide a FedEx courier to pick up the package the day after your baby’s birth. Here’s their info: 800-869-8608,

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