Latin Goodness

A BoingBoing contributor interprets a Latin sign on a church wall as being a threat, but the "memento mori" message is a Medieval reminder to us that we are mortals. Rather, I think the message is really a reminder to those goofing off outside that the fun won't last forever (and therefore they should consider going into the Church to help ensure a pleasant eternal hereafter!).

4 thoughts on “Latin Goodness

  1. John

    Well I wouldn’t disagree that it’s a threat, but rather I’d argue that it is a threat that a church hasa the right to make, if only because it’s been making it for thousands of years. There is an element of intimidation in any religion.

    Also, I had always thought that “remember though art mortal” was what the whispered in Roman general’s ears as they marched into the city in triumph.

  2. Tom Smith

    The “memento mori” images, devotions, and practices are all things the Church could really use a revitalization in — how comfortable are we moderns with death? Not at all. Perhaps unnaturally uncomfortable with death.

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