Man, What an Idea

Who invented noodles? No, seriously, think about this for a second. Somebody at the dawn of time said, “Okay, we’ve got this wheat. Which is good. I like the wheat. But it would be better if we ground it up, added some kind of binding agent, and then formed it into long strings.”

It worked out pretty well, in my opinion. I wonder what that person would have invented if he or she were alive today? I think curly fries are perhaps one logical extension of the technology, but we already figured that one out.

It’s a conundrum.

2 thoughts on “Man, What an Idea

  1. Jerry Nora

    They discovered noodles in an Iron Age Chinese settlement. The Yellow River did its thing and flooded out this village–they found mud casts of huddled humans in this one common room (kind of like the ash casts that were made of victims in Pompeii after Vesuvius blew). Amidst this scene of tragedy, the mud covered some jars, and they found traces of wheat noodles.

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