A Wonderful Life Indeed

As a Wilkinsburg resident I’m honored to live in the same town as Ms.
–I actually live just up the street from where these kids go
to school!
This is a story of generosity that is well to keep close to heart for
the holidays.

On a less serious note, this article might be the first to demonstrate
the No Child
Left Behind Act’s having a positive impact on children’s lives.
Stock up
on MREs and potassium iodide tablets, people, the world will end

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Life Indeed

  1. Steve N

    Thanks Jerry for a bit of good news this Christmas. Real self-sacrifice (taking up crosses) doesn’t get much press these days. All we really need is 5,999,999,999 more Ms. Zellouses and the Kingdom would again stand in our midst.


  2. Jerry Nora

    Well, that’d be nice, but I’m just trying to get my own life in the same way that Ms. Zellous has hers. That alone would make me fairly happy.

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