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A Study in Contrasts

I always find it fascinating how different news outlets cover the same story. As
an example, here are four stories, two from Reuters and two from AP. Notice the
distinct differences in tone and presentation.

Frail Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Mass (Reuters)
Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Sermon, Needs Water (Reuters)
Frail Pope Celebrates Mass at Lourdes (AP)
Pilgrims Crowd Field for Mass With Pope (AP)

Lip Service

In what seems to be an open attempt to appease and woo Catholic voters, Bush will
be meeting with the Pope in June. I hope he isn’t looking for just a pat on the
back and a smile.

to Ask Bush for Radical Shift in Policy, Says Cardinal Laghi

Changes Sought in Approach to Iraq and Holy Land

“VATICAN CITY, MAY 13, 2004 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II will ask U.S. President George
Bush to stop basing his policies in Iraq and the Holy Land on recourse to force,
when they meet June 4, a cardinal says.”

courts Catholics in swing states

Mon May 10, 9:40 AM ET
By John McCormick Tribune staff reporter

“There are no fewer than 11 Roman Catholic churches in this picturesque Mississippi
River town of about 60,000 people, a place some locals call ‘little Rome’
in reference to its religious leanings and hilltop construction.”

Media Bias

accuses media of pro-gay bias

In a statement released for the Church’s World Communications Day, scheduled for this May, the pontiff said the media should concentrate on “marriage and family life,” and realize their responsibility to the general public. Despite claiming to reject censorship, the pope went on to say too many newspapers, TV channels and radio stations promote issues such as homosexuality, as well as contraception and abortion.

I think JPII is dead right on this one. Homosexuality is shown in a very favorable
light on TV. Anyone who doesn’t accept homosexuality as wholesome diversity is represented
as a bigot, rather than someone with moral conviction.


Gay Divisions Cloud Archbishop’s Visit

“VATICAN CITY – The Vatican told the archbishop of Canterbury as he began a visit Friday that deepening divisions over homosexuality threaten to damage Catholic-Anglican relations.”

The day the Catholic Church accepts openly gay clergy I’ll know that the end times are here. Satan will have made a mockery of the Church.

The Curt Jester Presents: “Liturgy for Ignoramuses”

“Contrary to popular understanding rubrics does not come from the Latin for ‘things to ignore during Mass’ It is actually from the Latin word red and is used to indicate stuff you should actually do!”

American Life League: Statement by Mahony’s Spokesman Shows Malice to Fellow Catholic, Ignorance of Church Doctrine

“WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 /U.S. Newswire/ — ‘Tod Tamberg, Director of Media Relations for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, should immediately resign his post,’ said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. ‘Mr. Tamberg has misrepresented Church teaching and has clearly embarrassed Cardinal Mahony with his ridiculous statements, which also happen to be factually inaccurate.'”

“Tamberg told Cybercast News Service (Conservatives Attack Schwarzenegger on Abortion, Homosexual Marriage — 10-01), ‘The reception of Holy Communion by Catholics is a right guaranteed by the church, not a privilege…’ and he further stated, ‘She’s not Judge Judie, she’s not Bishop Judie, and she’s not Pope Judie. The bishops of the church, with the Holy Father, are the ones who interpret church law.’ Tamberg made these comments in response to American Life League’s Unholy Trinity ad campaign, which kicked off on Tuesday, September 30th in Sacramento.”

“‘The fact is no Catholic has a ‘right’ to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, truly present in the Sacrament of Holy Communion,’ said Brown. ‘No human being is truly worthy of receiving the Sacrament, but a Catholic who persists in promoting a manifestly grave evil like abortion is clearly bringing sacrilege upon the Sacrament when he or she receives it. One need not be the Pope, a bishop or a judge to recognize that Canon Law No. 915 is clear.'”

Livewire: Disgruntled Catholics Connect with Faith on Web
By David Gregorio

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Disgruntled Roman Catholics in the United States have turned to a wide variety of Web sites for information, ideas and services over the past few years as abuse scandals raged and a clergy shortage shrank the number of parishes. The Internet has also made it easier for Catholics to find everything from pet-blessing ceremonies to a traditional Latin Mass. “

Pope’s declining health worries Vatican
By Tracy Wilkinson

“VATICAN (news – web sites) CITY | These are contradictory times at the Vatican. Amid the joyful bustle of historic celebrations this month is a newly stark anxiety over the health and survival of Pope John Paul II.”

Blood and hair of Mother Teresa sent to Vatican for beatification

“NEW DELHI (AFP) – Relics from Mother Teresa, including her blood and hair and some items of clothing, have been sent to Vatican (news – web sites) to include in elaborate ceremonies for her beatification on October 19, her order said.”