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Who Won the Debate?

Unlike all the pundits, I have the definitive answer.

Obviously, __________ won the debate because he showed that he will be a __________ leader. __________ spent the whole time __________ing __________ and __________ing the questions. __________ showed that he __________ what we need for America in these __________ times. If you are looking for someone who is __________ and __________, with the ability to __________ when __________, then clearly, based on last night’s debate, __________ is your man.

When the Shoe is on the Other Foot

Recent events in Grand Island, Nebraska, should illustrate for many Christians exactly why many of us object to official accommodation of their religious beliefs. First, Muslim employees at a meat packing plant there complained that workplace policies prevented them from participating correctly in Ramadan. Here is what happened next:

The Trouble with Enforcement

Fresno criminal defense lawyer Rick Horowitz wrote earlier this week on his blog about some of the disturbing but common abuses of authority committed by police officers. He lays a large part of the blame at the feet of judges, who too often defer to the police in their decisions. Here is an excerpt:

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The Partisans are All Wet

First there was some yahoo on the Right telling people to pray that Barack Obama’s outdoor nomination acceptance speech would be rained out. Not to be outdone, and maintaining the balance of lunacy in the universe, the Left has its own yahoo saying that hurricane Gustav is proof of God’s existence because it will likely disrupt the Republican National Convention.

This is what happens when people conflate religion and partisan ideology with “politics.” Maybe we could try for a political discourse grounded in facts and reason. Just this once? Maybe?