Monthly Archives November 2002

People Buy From These Schmucks?!?

For Bulk E-Mailer, Pestering Millions Offers Path to ProfitBy MYLENE MANGALINDAN "DUNEDIN, Fla. — The sun was setting on Laura Betterly’s six-bedroom house as she reviewed a pair of outgoing e-mail messages one last time. Satisfied, she moved her cursor to the ‘send’ icon and clicked. ‘It’s that simple,’ Ms. Betterly said triumphantly, swiping her […]

A Changed Man

Inmate Getting Out for Sex Change “ROANOKE, Va. (AP) – A transsexual will be granted early release from prison so he can undergo the final surgery to become a woman.”

Darn That Persistent Integrity

Typo or Freudian slip? You make the call. ūüėČ Academic integrity still plagues campusBy Dan Trudeau "Cheating, plagiarism and dishonesty on campus will be the focus of a town hall meeting, which will seek to clarify what constitutes as academic dishonesty."

DMCA Under Review

Copyright law gets a second lookFoes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have a second chance to tweak a section of the controversial law.By Declan McCullagh “On Tuesday, the U.S. Copyright Office began accepting comments from the public on the law’s ‘anticircumvention’ section, which limits people’s ability to bypass copy-protection mechanisms. Comments are due by […]

Identity Abuse

Her picture became a porn adScam artist stole her photo, used it in fake personalsBy Bob Sullivan ďDonít put your picture onlineĒ was a common warning in the early days of the Internet. Sound paranoid in the era of online dating? Donít tell that to Laura, who 18 months ago put up an online personals […]