Plan B: Literature Review (Part I)


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  1. Rob wrote:

    Incredible. You’ve done an excellent job, better than I think I could have done.

    Thank you. I look forward to more.

    Posted 17 Sep 2006 at 11:47 pm
  2. Xavier wrote:

    What a knotty problem. Thanks for trying to look into.

    Posted 18 Sep 2006 at 3:39 am
  3. Funky Dung wrote:

    To those viewing this post on September 19:

    For the duration of the day, all of the posts on this blog will appear to have been written by a pirate. Everything will go back to normal at the end of the day.

    Posted 19 Sep 2006 at 12:06 am
  4. Lightwave wrote:

    An excellent detail oriented review of the available research. This should be a particularly useful resource for all those on the internet who would like to understand the meaning and appropriate application of these studies.

    Might I suggest meta tags, etc. that would help folks looking for the layman’s read on these studies to find this?

    Posted 06 Oct 2006 at 2:08 pm

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    (something he knows as well as we do is not true); then it doesn’t matter if abortion is legal. He even quotes the USCCB! SFO Mom writes “Morning/Mourning,” reflections on a morning spent praying outside an abortion mill. Ales Rarus posts”Plan B: Literature Review (Part I).” In order to satisfy my own curiosity and my critics,I’ve reviewed recent scientific literature related to the question ofwhether or or not Plan B is abortifacient. This post is the first of several planned installments.

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    it, he takes a look past the Moslem controversy to discover the crux of The Pope’s message, to The West: The need for a philosophical revolution which reconciles faith with reason. Ales Rarus, in order to satisfy his own curiosity and his critics, has investigated the recent scientific literature regarding Plan B. Is it abortifacient? This is the first of a series of posts. First we go downstairs to warm up with a walk around the track and a quick stretch. We’ll discuss our goals and how to stay focused. Patricia at

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